Expedition Area

The expedition will primarily be based in the Mt Rainier National Park (USA) and Bowron Lake Provincial Park (Canada).

Click on the links below to explore these areas in more detail using Google Maps and Google Earth:

Mt Rainier

View the Wonderland Trail and Mt Rainier Summit Routes in Google Earth. You need to make sure that you have Google Earth installed on your computer. The Wounderland Trail is shown in Red and the Camp Schurman Route is shown in Blue (Click here to download file).


You can also download a USGS overlay map for Google Earth which gives detailed topography of the area.(Click here to download file)


Bowron Lakes

Google Earth imagery isn’t as good for the Bowron Lakes as it is for the Mt. Rainier region of the USA. The best way to view the Bowron Lakes is to use Google Maps and to view the lakes be switching between the terrain view and the satellite view. (click here to see Google Maps coverage of the area).


There is also a really nice Google Earth You Tube fly through of the Bowron Lake Circuit (click here to link to the fly through if you can’t see it below).

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